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Welcome to The Roost Carolina Kitchen, home of the best damn chicken in Chicago.

The Roost was founded by Joe Scroggs, native son of Chapel Hill, NC.  It was there he learned, and took to heart, the very basic culinary philosophy that acts as the guiding principle for everything we do. Simple traditional scratch cooking. Our food is not difficult to prepare. It just takes patience, technique and a soft touch and a few highly guarded family recipes.

In March of 2012 The Roost opened as Chicago’s very first fried chicken food truck. To say we had humble beginnings may be a bit of an understatement, here is a picture of the whole operation,20120418-202355-the-roost-joe-scroggs day one. A one man band in rented kitchen space with a three item menu: Herb Seasoned Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Biscuits and Cucumber Coleslaw.  Oh, they were simpler times.

Since then we’ve extended our menu to include, arguably, the best chicken biscuit this side of Mars, Grandma’s peach cobbler and a hand full other notables which can now probably be considered a simple, yet, well rounded bill of fare.

After two years of remarkable success in the truck, a ground swell of customer support and a lesson in basic economics we decided it was time to move in to our own space, thus The Roost Carolina Kitchen was born. As our spot is a bit small and out of the way, it was originally intended to simply be a hub for the growth of our food truck business. However, we quickly learned “if you fry it, they will come.”Dining Room

Today, you can visit The Roost Carolina Kitchen seven days a week for all your fried chicken and Southern cooking needs. Not in the neighborhood? No problem, the Truck is still roaming the streets of Chicago Monday through Friday. Can’t track the truck down and refuse to leave the three block radius surrounding your home? Why would you, your neighborhood is awesome. Have patience, we may be planting another flag near you very soon…

Thanks so much for taking a minute to learn a few tid-bits about your local fried chicken purveyors. Hope to see you real soon!

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